Sunrise Azure

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PRIMAL®'s SUNRISE AZURE circle lenses feature a richly-hued gradient going from honeyed brown centered around the pupil to a declination of blue and aquamarine tones that radiate toward a dark brown outer ring.

On light natural eyes, the three tones of the SUNRISE AZURE contact lenses are very clearly showcased, giving your eyes a bright look.

On dark natural eyes, these beauty lenses provide a powerful contrast, considerably lightening your gaze thanks to their bright aquamarine tones contrasting with the golden brown at their center. 

Iris Effect: Semi-Opaque
Refractive Power: Plano
Sizing/Fitting: Diameter 14.2 mm / Base Curve 8.7 mm 
Packaging: 2 lenses per box 
Usage/Wear: 5 years shelf life / 90 days usage 
Material: 62% Polymacon / 38% Water